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Who We Are

Tropic Curls is a premier online store specialized in natural and organic hair products for women, men and children. We are a privately-owned business focusing on improving the quality of life for beauty-conscious individuals around the world. We love to go natural, eco, and ethical. Our ultimate goal is to develop and maintain an environment that allows naturalist to live a lifestyle that is truly ethical and eco-friendly.

We are based in the US Virgin Islands and we are extremely passionate about living ethically. Our continuous focus on organic is centered on bringing positive changes to our environment, so you can enjoy pure whole-natural hair products that suit your health. We take pride in our commitment towards bringing you the highest quality products fortified with the best active ingredients for better nourishment.

Our Products

As a company that believes in living a natural lifestyle, we are right when we say; no compromising. We researched to source the finest organic and natural hair care products from respected and trusted manufacturers in the industry. We have a broad range of carefully selected products thoroughly modern yet highly ethical with household names in beauty, wellbeing and personal care.

From natural shampoos, organic conditioners, to natural hair treatments, you can gently cleanse and nourish your scalp and hair without stripping it. Whether for long or short hair, our products will leave it looking radiant, strong, and healthy.

At Tropic Curls, we make responsible decisions that improve our environment and bring positive changes to help our planet and ourselves. Since our formation, we have made tremendous progress in providing high performing products with cruelty-free effects, and we are very proud to be extending our products to a broader community of vegans around the globe.

Our Mission

We take your beauty, health & wellness seriously. Our mission is to ensure we always provide quality natural hair products directly from Mother Nature that are entirely free from harsh chemicals and toxins. Creating hair that is strong, healthy and full of life!

Our Values

Our strict standards, integrity, honesty, and passion combined with our ability to exceed customers expectation set us apart from others. We stand behind the quality of our products and strive to educate you our customers on how living a pure natural & organic lifestyle contributes to healthy hair.

Our Vision

We aim to become a one-stop shop dedicated to offering customers the best range of hair products without sacrificing their health.

Customers Service

Here at Tropic Curls, this is where great products meet outstanding customer experience. We understand beauty is all about you, and we are steadfastly committed to giving all round satisfaction from top quality products, competitive prices, to flexible and reliable shipping. We invite you to take your time, browse the brands and discover fantastic products custom-made just for you!