10 Reasons Why Your Natural Hair is Not Growing

July 12, 2019 0 Comments

10 Reasons Why Your Natural Hair is Not Growing

10 Reasons Why Your Natural Hair is not Growing.


You may be at a slump in your natural hair journey. You feel as if your hair just will not pass shoulder length or bra strap length. So what are you doing wrong? Your regimen is consistent and so are your products. However, there may be a few steps that you are doing or not doing in your regimen which is contributing to poor hair growth.

10 reasons your natural hair is not growing:

1) You do not cleanse once a week – After spending a week applying products to your hair to enhance your curls or sleek into a bun or even moisturize it, a lot of gunk will build up. This will make it hard for our hair to be styled into another style. Also, it clogs the pores of the hair from producing new and extra hair growth needed. Hence, we cleanse. Cleansing removes the product build-up and excess sebum that we have accumulated from the prior 1 or 2 weeks. Ensure to cleanse your hair on a weekly basis using a sulfate free shampoo.


2) You are not doing nightly scalp massages – Scalp massages aid in promoting hair growth especially with the use of oil. On a nightly or a weekly basis, you can do a scalp massage with your favorite growth oil such as castor oil. Scalp massages promote blood circulation to your scalp follicles. Once the blood reaches the follicles it will provide it with the nutrients needed to nourish your follicles for future hair growth.


3) You do not moisture using the loc method - The loc method is a key moisturization technique needed for your hair to thrive. You would apply the liquid (water), then seal it in with oil and cream. The sealing allows your strand to retain the moisture added from the water until your next styling time, which should be a week later.


4) You are skipping out on deep conditioning – Deep conditioning allows your hair strands to be penetrated with the nourishment needed to moisturize, strengthen and add shine to your hair strands. Ensure that you are deep conditioning on a weekly basis. Also, you should be deep conditioning with heat for an extended time. You can use a deep conditioning cap or plastic bag in order to create heat for 15 minutes or more.


5) You are not sleeping with satin – Satin lined materials allow you to retain moisture into your strands and the style while you sleep at nights. No one wants to get their beauty sleep for 7 to 8 hours, then wake up looking a hot mess. Sleeping with satin allows you to preserve your old and even new growth.


6) You are using too many different products – Using too many different products in your hair will not encourage hair growth, it will confuse your hair strands. Ensure to use the same products consistently, especially from the same line. This allows your hair to reap the most benefits, that is hair growth. Also, your hair will be trained to receive proper nourishment for the product.


7) You do not finger detangling – Stop detangling with a comb and use your fingers. Combs will snag and pull your knots and tangles apart. With your fingers, you are able to move across the knots and tangle in your hair and gently pull them apart. Thus, allowing you to preserve your new hair growth instead of breaking it.


8) You are heat styling too frequently - Heat is not good for our hair, especially if we want it to grow. The heat will damage the cuticle layer and our follicles. Thus, reducing heat styling allows our hair to repair itself. Thus, going to back to an optimal condition to encourage hair growth.


9) You are doing too many tight styles – Tight styles will pull on your hair follicles and may cause damage. Once our hair follicles are damaged our hair will not grow. Therefore, we should avoid doing these tight styles to preserve our hair follicles.


10) You aren’t showing your hair love – You don’t show your hair the TLC and love that it deserves. Ensure to use the correct products and do loose styles. As well, giving it treatments using your deep conditioner on a weekly basis. All of this contributes to your hair being in an optimally healthy condition. Once it is there, you are able to promote hair growth, retain length, moisture and strength.