5 Tips For Length Retention

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5 Tips For Length Retention

5 Tips for Length Retention

Natural hair grows all the time. Studies support that black hair grows a ½ inch a month. However, the problem why we are not seeing our “True length” is because we are not retaining length. Once our hair grows, we have to be retaining the new growth. In addition, we have to be taking care of the old ends. Our hair needs TLC all the time. Length Retention is a key goal that we should all strive to achieve in our healthy hair journey.

Here are 5 Tips For Length Retention:

1) Do The LOC method – The LOC/LCO/LOCO is the best moisturization technique for your mane. For this method, water is applied (Liquid) first to your hair strand because water is the best hydration for our strands. You can also use a moisturizer as long as it is water based. Then, you would seal in the moisture previously added with an oil and cream. The key step for this moisturization technique is sealing in the moisture. Once it is sealed your hair will stay moisturized for an extended period to keep hydrated while you wear a particular style. Lastly, the order that you apply them in whether is it oil or cream first is all up to what your hair likes.

2) Detangle In Sections – Length retention is all about preserving your length this is why it recommended to detangle your hair in sections. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair some naturalistas split their hair into two while others do it into 6. Once you detangle your hair in sections you are able to feel all the knots and tangles per section. In addition, it reduces breakage that would have happened if you tried to comb it all out at once.

3) Finger Detangle While Your Hair Is Wet – After you section your hair, ensure to detangle your hair while to is wet, preferably with a conditioner. The conditioner smoothens the cuticles layers and has enough slips for us to detangle. Also, ensure to use your fingers per section. Your fingers are better able to feel the knots and you can pull them apart. With a comb, you would be snagging the knots apart which may result in more split ends and breakage.

4) Sleep With Satin: Satin lined materials will allow you to retain the moisture that you added to your hair. If you sleep on cotton you would realize that your hair is always dry and frizzy. This is because the cotton removes the moisture from your hair leaving it dusty and crusty. Hence, you sleep with a satin cap, scarf or pillowcases. Your hair

5) Deep Condition Weekly: Do not skip out on deep conditioning your hair on a consistent basis i.e. weekly. Deep conditioning with heat allows your hair to be penetrated with moisture from the minerals, and vitamins in the product. In addition, it absorbs protein/amino acids/keratin needed to strengthen your hair strands and follicles. Thus, allowing your hair to always be a healthy state and preserve the oldest part of your hair, i.e. ends.