Benefits of Rice Water for amazing Hair Growth!

December 17, 2019 0 Comments

Benefits of Rice Water for amazing Hair Growth!


Benefits of Rice Water For Amazing Hair Growth:


 Experimenting with rice water has been buzzing around in the natural hair community. You will hear about the benefits, mishaps and so much more. If you haven’t seen or heard about rice water, then you have been living under a rock. Rice water has been used by the Yao Women of China for centuries to grow their hair to over six feet long. It truly is enviable and you can benefit from it too!


 Benefits of Rice Water:


 Grows Your Hair: Rice water contains magnesium which indirectly aids in promoting hair growth. The water that use consistently in our hair whether to style or wash our hair, contains a lot of chemicals. These chemicals usually transfer to our scalp and strand and leave a residue or a film on it. The film will block the hair from receiving any benefits form the products that we use. The magnesium aids in breaking down the film on our hair and allowing our hair to breathe. Thus, our hair follicles can promote the hair growth needed.


 Prevents Dandruff: If you are suffering from dandruff, then rice water is the cure for you. Malassezia is the yeast that is responsible for creating dandruff on the scalp. And when it comes into contact with selenium, it is destroyed. Consistently using the rice water in your hair regimen whether as a rinse or treatment will reduce and remove dandruff. Thus, leaving your scalp in a healthy state for the promotion of hair growth and the sebum needed for the new growth.


 Strengthens Your Hair: Rice Water contains amino acids which is protein and is the building blocks of our hair strands. And as such, consistently using it will allow protein deposits to be made in the broken layer of our hair strands. Also, it contains folic acid which is commonly referred to as Vitamin B9. This vitamin has been scientifically proven to thicken and strengthen your hair shaft. Once used consistently, your hair will be able to absorb it. Thus, strengthening each strand to withstand against any future damage.

 Improves The Hair Elasticity – The elasticity of our hair is usually affected by excessive styling, product and even heat which results in very limp or weak hair. Consistently using the rice water will help to boost the natural elasticity of your hair. The Inositol in the water is deposited unto our hair strands to make it stronger and flexible. Therefore, it able to bounce back from any form of damage that it receives.


 Enhances the Natural Shine: Once our hair is repaired, conditioned and smoothed out, our natural sheen starts to appear. Our hair is an optimal health state which allows our hair to perform at its highest capacity thus keeping it shiny.


Reduces Frizz:Rice water with the help of the amino acids helps to conditions and smooths the cuticle layer of our hair. Thus, reducing excessive frizz that our hair goes through due to lack of moisture.