Best Sealing Oils and Butters Your Hair Would Love

October 16, 2019 0 Comments

Best Sealing Oils and Butters Your Hair Would Love

Best Sealing Oils and Butters Your Hair Would Love:


Sealing Oils:

Black Castor Oil: Black castor is a great sealing oil because of its thickness. A little oil will go a long way in sealing in the moisture. Thus, allowing your hair to stay moisturized for a long period of time. Also, it conditions the hair shaft to keep your hair strand moisturized.


 Babassu Oil: Babassu Oil is a lighter oil than coconut oil hence it is a great alternative. It nourishes your hair by sealing in the moisture previously added. Also, it will provide other benefits such as moisture, improve elasticity and strength.



 Avocado Oil: Avocado is a lightweight oil that will trap the water molecules from the L that you provided for your LOC method. If your L product is lightweight then this oil is suitable. However, it is thick then you may have to change the oil or apply more avocado oil.


 Olive Oil: Olive oil is a great conditioning oil that will seal in the moisture from your moisturiser. Also, it will impart other benefits to your hair such as sheen, strength and so much more.


 Monoi Oil: Monoi Oil has been trending in the beauty community recently since manufacturers have started to use it. Although a new kid on the block, its benefits are superb for your hair.  The oil will penetrate the hair shaft to seal in the moisture provided earlier. Also, once it penetrates it will repair and restore any damage.



 Sealing Butters:


 Muru Muru Butter:  Muru Muru butter is the cousin to cupuacu butter. The benefits are slightly similar for our hair shaft. The butter is highly rejuvenating and moisturising as it aids in to retain moisture in order to keep the hair shaft and follicles hydrated at all time. Also, it absorbs moisture very quickly to start the sealing process.


 Mango Butter: Mango butter is rich in fatty acids and vitamins. Thus, making it a greater conditioner for our hair. In addition, it will seal in the moisture that you added before while providing moisture to the hair shaft. Thus, being the ultimate moisturiser and hydration for our hair shaft.






Cupuacu Butter: Cupuacu as previously mentioned is related to muru muru butter. They have a slightly different texture and thus provide different benefits. The butter possesses amazing water-absorbing capabilities thus making it a great sealant. In addition, once applied to the hair it will penetrate the shaft and impart its nutrients, minerals and vitamins needed to condition your hair. It is a great sealant that is encouraged to be used during the colder season as a part of your winter regimen.


Kokum Butter: Kokum Butter is a new butter on the block that is traditionally used in India. It is rich in essential fatty acids that are perfect for our hair strands. Not only will it seal in moisture but it will provide the hair shaft and follicles with other benefits. It helps in providing the cells of your hair with the oxygen needed for it to promote more to repair, rejuvenate or increase your hair.